Imstar offers an incredible opportunity for students to learn more about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

IMSTAR’s 2016 agenda consist of a learning program and a summer project.

Within the 11 lectures starting this February, the conflict will be discussed from different angles to create an understanding of the situation in Israel and the Palestinian Territories.
Guest lectures will be given by professionals in law, politics and conflict studies, who have first-hand experience in the region. Special attention will be given to the historical developments that led to the status quo and confrontations that have escalated the conflict in recent years.

Speakers from Palestine as well as Israel will come and share their stories and views with us. Among them will be the Palestinian ambassador to the Netherlands, a representative of Gate48 and Member of parliament Harry van Bommel.
We highly encourage discussions and debate within the lectures.

Additionally, the IMSTAR Summer project will provide some of our participants with the opportunity to join us to both Israel and the Palestinian territories in the beginning of July. Among other places we will visit Jerusalem, Hebron, Tel Aviv and Ramallah.
During our 10 day trip, a group of students will get to experience the conflict in real life, and become familiar with different views of the situation, from both the Palestinian and the Israeli perspective.
We will organize tours of the key political and cultural sites the region has to offer, and you will have the chance to meet locals who will share their experiences with us.
In addition to the theoretical knowledge we will gain over the lecture series, this is a great way to gain practical experience.

Everyone is welcome to join the lectures, including people not joining us for our summer project.

Joining IMSTAR for our learning program in Amsterdam is a great way to develop your knowledge about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and provides an opportunity to meet people that share your interests. Secure a place on our summer project to expand on this theoretical knowledge with practical experience.